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52 Colors - Week 26 Indigo

When I hear the word "indigo" I immediately thing of navy blue.  It turns out that's not quite the hue we are looking for this week. Indigo -- and surprisingly Pantone seems to have one main "indigo" instead of a dozen -- is lighter than navy and also less vibrant, so more gray in the mix.  

Happily searching for our color of the week turned up this cute little dress (the delicate string bow straps are hidden under hair sadly) from ~Nerido~ , the Tasha Dress.  No need to look any further.  Accessorizing was fairly easy too.  On a roll here as we reach the half-way milepost of our journey. 


~Nerido~  Tasha Dress indigo
KUNGLERS - Antonia necklace - Sapphire silver


This is the official path to the challenge.

Pose by: Rosario


DrWeb said…
I cannot find the items listed in the stores.
Is it because this is an old entry reposted?
Please advise where items are today..
if you can.

Chic Aeon said…
Sorry. I missed this comment in a timely manner.
The 52 Weeks of color posts have nothing to do with NEW ITEMS. Some thing mentioned may still be around but other could be very old. Hence no links to the stores. This is a "digging in our inventories" challenge for the most part. I only bought one item in all 52 Weeks (yes, I finished long ago; they are all in the queue ready to post on their correct dates :D.

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