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SL Fantasy Splash

There is a new video playing as background on the Second Life entry page.  You may not have SEEN it yet, as it doesn't appear to be visible to everyone :D.  That may be a plan -- or not.  

It is a well-filmed video featuring a lot of impressive avatars, most of them in the fantasy category -- much more fantasy than the steampunk shot that I chose to highlight.   

Oddly I only see the alternate "blue swimmer" static shot in the BRAVE browser. In Edge, I am redirected to my backend account page.  I CAN see the video in Chrome which I am guessing is the favored browser by the lab.  Why everyone can't see movement is a bit of a mystery.  

For me, it was more a video about avatar looks than about Second Life as a whole. There was only one scene with more than one avatar so there isn't much feel for what you can DO in SL, only how you can look.  That's not bad per se but there are undoubtedly folks are much more concerned with the "doing" than the "being" part of the equation.  

Then again this may turn out to be only a part of a larger project. 

Whatever your take on the newness, I am guessing you are glad to see some advertising going on courtesy of the new owners. 


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