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Make It Red Please

I did a fair amount of "shopping" this weekend but not many purchases. Amazingly there are still some shops that don't have clothing demos. Hmmmm.  

BUT --- summer is coming and this fantastic bikini (there is very little back to this by the way) is to die for.  Find the Homkary bikini at Glitzz on weekend sale.   There are many colors to choose from but I have to say that the vendor colors have very little to do with the actual garment. So look at this photo -- and the prominent beauty shot vendor and then look at the hanging swimsuit example and you will get an idea.  Perfect fit and it comes with a hud for the jewels. 

My other pick for this week is a makeup décor set from buildworksdecor (yes apparently all one word :D).  

Now this isn't going to work for everyone as it is six land impact. But what I wanted to emphasize yet again is that LAND IMPACT does not always equate with heavy mesh.  This is carefully made BUT is in "pieces" that are linked together and so the land impact is at a minimum of 6 (.5 for the 11 pieces and rounded up).  

There are also some VERY HEAVY mesh and textures one land impact items (many food décor  releases fit into this category but they are not the only transgressors.  So once again -- shop carefully. 

Other credits:

.:EMO-tions:. * NUBIA * head-wrap 
Baiastice_1970- Gold Earrings (possibly a gacha if I remember correctly)

Pose by: SEMotion


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