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Fantasy Faire 2022 is Open

Fantasy Faire 2022 is officially open and with it comes adventures, exploration and shopping. There is plenty to see so take your time.  As expected many of these fantasy builds tax your machine so  lower your draw distance, "show friends only", have patience while textures load and perhaps leave some of your attachments at home :D.  

This photo takes us to The Chrysalis Gardens sponsored by The Looking Glass. It is an amber kernel of peacefulness so leave your real life stress behind and wander to the calming music of the chimes.  

One of my favorite releases of the Faire, is this oh so wise and comforting CKit Falconry_animesh Barn Owl_ShoulderPet.  The animations are top shelf, very realistic and come in a long looping cycle. It is easy to believe this is a "real" owl.  

My hair is KMH - Hair F195 Rigged(S) which also comes in a pale fantasy RFL version.  

My (:ERG:)Bat Wing Monocle is intricately designed and beautifully crafted -- a very welcomed addition to my steampunk wardrobe.  There are both left and right versions in the packs.  

 The Only Your Imagination!  OYI - Alchemy Potion and optional special effects adds extra interest to your photo styling or role play experience. 

My outfit is from DeviousMind -- AEON in Espresso and can be found at the main store.  

Pose by: Helamiyo, Amacci pose hud, potion bottle


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