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Springs Winds - Weekend Shopping

I can't remember the last time I bought poses. Years for sure. One can only use so many ...

Or is that true?

I couldn't resist this "Winds" pinwheel pose set from WetCat on Happy Weekend. Poses are perfect for nails, jewelry or "poofy skirts" *wink* and a great addition to my vast pose inventory.  The pinwheel comes with a texture change hud.  Best of all there is a pose stand that also rezzes the props in perfect placement (for me anyway).  These poses are carefully crafted to fit most avatars (and I am a problem in that fitting department due to long arms :D).  There are some sits as well as versions of certain poses. A pose stand is at the shop so you can try out the fits.  

While the OPALE . Ellis Hair isn't the "hat hair" that I was hoping for, it is still a very useful style with tiny bun in back that can span genres easily. Choice of color huds. 

This N-Uno - Ariana Top comes in two parts, cami and sleeves -- so you have both styling choices as well as the lack of those nasty bits connected under the arms which I truly hate.  Maitreya and Legacy with their petite counterparts fits.  Various denim hues are available.  A mini skirt and belts set is part of the sale at the shop. I opted for some old and comfy jeans. 

Pose by: WetCat


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