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Favorite Things

In ten years of features on Trompe Loeil housing I have had some favorites and lived in quite a few, some on my own land and some in rental communities.   This Soleil Greenhouse Cottage is my favorite.  Small, open plan, lots of windows, good LODs and light on the land impact budget. 

My latest styling of this home is about to disappear.  I rented the plot mostly to be supportive of the folks who had done a great job making a nice area to live on mainland.  Now the rental plots are all filled and stable so I am happy to release the area in hopes someone else will enjoy the space. 

There is a permanent page of "all" the places I have lived; it is over in the not so obvious sidebar (top menu icon for many of you).  And I wanted a picture of this houses as I frequently have left out homes along the way.    

Most of us love shiny and new additions to our inventory; I certainly do. But there are some items that I use  over and over again.   Here are a few.

Trompe Loeil - Selah Rock Bath PG
Trompe Loeil - Selah Rock Shelf
ROIRO - SATEN schefflera pot
ROIRO - "OAZO" Hanging plants A and B
ACORN towels and bath articles set
Trompe Loeil - Cobi Chair PG
Sway's [Ten] Stack of Books
*AF* Craft Room 11 - Weighted Lamp (the only newish purchase in this styling)


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