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Saturday Values

It is Friday night as I type this. The weekend sales haven't been too impressive for me of late. Hence emptiness on the weekends for the blog.  Along with the whole new "I'm not going to buy it unless it is on sale ethic" == primarily put into place and supported by many creators there is the issue of folks running out of things to put on sale. 

Many of you may have noted that items are cycling around again in some brands. Good for folks that missed them the first time, but it leads me to believe than many creators are running out of products that they are willing to put on sale.  This could easily have been foreseen so not surprising. It will be interesting to see what unfolds this summer and if there are shifts in the SL economy and marketing plans.

MEANWHILE this new as far as I know and extremely impressive Glass Door Cabinet with ALL the clutter and separate rugs is out at Nutmeg for Happy Weekend. It is lovely to look at and honestly I would pay the price just for the rugs.  A great backdrop for photos, it is packed full of realistic details.

But of course there is that "but" thing.  This is heavy mesh weighing in around the quarter of a million triangle mark. True, there are parts that can be used separately and while some have been uploaded together in a not so useful manner, others are singles.  The biggest problem is the LODs which oddly seemed fine in the store but no so much when I unpacked at home. The "why" of that is a mystery to me, but a warning here for those who care.

So for some this will be a great value and for others something to toss.   I am happy because I love the rugs and can likely use the chest somewhere along the way.  


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