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Furniture as Art

Apple Fall had a 50 linden Marketplace sale this weekend. I somehow missed the original announcement and only heard the news towards Sunday eve.  Hopefully you all found a few things in this "last 50 linden" sale :D.  

Due to the marketplace outage the sale has been extended a further 24 hours. The sale will now end at 11:59pm SLT on the evening of Tuesday April 12th.  

I put these two items out in front of the Babbage academy and gallery.  I bought them mostly because if they actually went away forever, I wanted them.  Thinking about the "why" of that impulse I realized that while some items lose their value through overuse. I can think of one gacha creator who repeats and repeats the brands releases at a discount. So while they are well made they are also "too available" and for me anyway lose their appeal.  

What is the difference?  I think it is that iconic furniture "says something". It is an artform that isn't often recognized --- and perhaps it should be. 


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