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Moving - Serendipity - and Friday Shopping

It is moving week for me. 

Not just "me" which is pretty easy as I do it so often, but the store also.  Most items have been relocated from the old sim to the new during the last two days. I think that is a record for me; perhaps practice helps there too.  Almost to the part when play comes to the forefront, there are still many hours changing Marketplace listings. (insert sigh here)

In the midst of it all, two very useful items are out for Friday. One is this parking meter set.

The other is this newspaper vending machine -- which happily will dispense items as well as add a touch of realism. Along with the picture taking of the early morn came some inventory exploration in the vehicle category. Happily  several  with good long distance LODs were found.  Some of those come with a hefty land impact number, but the new plot is half of a full sim rather than a homestead  and it WILL be fun using up those "prims".  

Find both items out for weekend prices at BALACLAVA!!

Meanwhile, the Art is Life free art gallery will be disappearing. It has been around a couple of years now, so hopefully folks have picked up what they want. If you haven't, be sure and journey over in the next few days.


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