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Styling Yelapa

The Yelapa Cottage is one of my favorite Trompe Loeil houses.  And, not long after I featured this Uber release from last month, a friend mentioned he was looking for someone to share he newly purchased mainland sim.  I was happily ensconced in my homestead rental, but he was hoping to share the tier and new taxes load and I was out of current projects.  Hence I moved.   And three weeks in I am happy with that choice. 

It took about a week to move from Moon Beach to Umber, most was accomplished in two or three days but I had a LOT of Marketplace listings to change and knew that "a bit at a time" was the best plan on that in order to keep my sanity.   The ground level stayed pretty barren for two weeks but I did plop down the Yelapa house -- on the beach looking out to the navigable sea. 

The kitchen and dining areas were first on the agenda.  I wanted something modern and it needed to be compact. It didn't take long to figure out that while the Yelapa Cottage has a substantial sense of presence it is indeed small when furniture comes into the picture.  Perfect for me really, but a surprise.  My cabinet and appliance choices included the Torryn Modern Ranch Kitchen PG from Trompe Loeil (taken out of the house naturally) and the Trompe Loeil - Aveline Refrigerator.

My favorite modern dining set was a bit large for the space (and no mod) so moving against the wall became the solution there.  It comes with a long and low cadenza and really is lovely but that no mod part IS an issue.  This is the Frost Dining set by Kaerri made by her partner Cain Maven.  

"Clutter" came slowly and purposefully and the place is feeling fairly finished at this point.  The bookcase worked perfectly; I think I picked that up at a weekend sale some time ago.   A quick blog search would likely confirm that :D. (thank you blog diary)

The living area is based on items from Kazza's recent sales, artwork is homemade.   

I have left the exterior pretty much as designed adding a "pool clutter" gacha item and a couple of plants in pots.  There are already so many lovely exterior details in this house I didn't want to overdo.

The casita and upstairs loft are still works in progress and I will likely add a small seating area in the breezeway between the main house and the small guest area.  


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