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COLLABOR -- 88 Lindens

Once again Trompe Loeil has released a traditionally priced item at the newly opened event.  

Trompe Loeil - Solea Dome Pavilion  is available in light, dark (shown) and white --- with or without fireplace.  

I am not sure if this 88 linden price is the norm but it happens often enough to be noteworthy.  And that got me thinking about the beginnings of COLLABOR88.   Google tells me that opening day was August 8, 2011. Back then -- if I remember correctly and please poke me if I am not -- items were 88 lindens. Mesh was new. I don't remember too many brands that took part then. Pilot and Cheeky Pea and I am pretty sure {what next} too.  A search of my 6500 post brought up no real info -- alas.  

Edit: I checked with Winter Thorn and yes, original prices were 88 lindens with fatpacks of items 188 or 288.  

Somewhere along the way -- also long ago -- the prices began to creep up and just needed to END in "88" and nowadays the event is not billed or expected to be a bargain venue.   But each round there are a few folks that either remember those olden days or simply like to provide bargains or impulse items for shoppers.  So I took a look at this month's offerings (thank you Seraphim) to filter out items with only two digits :D.   Here are some I thought you might like. 

Disorerly - each single item

DaD - lamps

Loft and Aria - each single item

Others joining in include Consignment, Floorplan, Forth Wall, KitKat, SEMotion, Movement and Schadenfreude.  Thanks go  to all these creators for remembering the beginnings.  


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