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Trompe Loeil Door Scan Update

There is a new house controller in the Trompe Loeil homes --- the new ones for now and the others being retrofitted.   The controller includes the option of SCANNING  so that the doors open automatically.  Personally I am thrilled as I hate opening doors, don't use privacy orbs and often take out the scripts and move the doors to look always open.   

For those of you interested and especially for those with some building skills (nothing all that complex) the scripts are available for your personal retrofits. 

Folks that don't want to deal with the build windows can wait for updates. 

Note that this is a prerelease oack and some tweaking may happen along the way.  If you issues (I didn't) you might send a note with info on what doesn't seem to be working to Cory Edo.  Input helps fix issues.   

Basically it is quite simple.

I suggest practicing before doing any work on a heavily modded buildings. 

Find the house control (they look different in various builds) and using edit linked parts DELETE the .75 house controller and replace with the new 1.00 house controller.  No need to reset scripts or make modifications.  Leave any other scripts ALONE - DO NOT DELETE. 

Then go to each door and replace the door script with an appropriate new script. 

In this example (the current home on Superfans special)  it would be the ROTATION SCRIPT.  There are two choice (one opens in and one out). Choose the one you prefer.   Again, don't delete any other scirpt besides the door script. Some will have texture change privacy scripts. Again no need to reset script.

Once you have tested the doors to see if they each open as desired you will need to go into the control panel and turn SCAN on for the DOORS.  In most rotation  door cases you will likely need to increase the radius of detection to make going OUT the doors realistic since the door will typically open INTO the building.  

For those of you needing to replace the script for a sliding door note that "X" equals the red arrow and "Y" the green arrow. That will cut down your choice.   Again, I suggest practicing on a copy, not your rezzed house.  

Have fun and enjoy any new skills!  

PS.  The current Superfans Maddex cottage includes a very nice kitchen with appliances. So even if you don't need a new house you might want to pick it up. The cabinets are connected and need a long wall. But the fridge, stove, light and shelves can be separated.


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