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Those Vintage Postings :D

As many of you have noticed, a twelve year old post about ADVENT (who knows?) ended up at the top of the popular post listing.  I have no clue about the WHY of this one. 

It is interesting however to note how many of the folks whose Advent Calendar shops I followed (there were more) are no longer around.   

Yasum is still going strong, still doing Advent calendars and still producing striking outfit (see this new round at Cosmo) . Alba Dream Fashions is still here and still doing Advent and of course there is Sway's who I "think" did a form of Advent this year.   22769 still does an event or two. The other names besides the now exited aDORKable (still use those old poses often) aren't even in my memory book.    

Things change.   

ALSO thanks to the folks who read my musings on  "stuff". I almost didn't post that but hey, I was in a mood.  I will say on the PLUS side of that equation, we do have LOTS of choices still.  Our corporeal world is a bit tougher these days.  Even trying to buy floss picks this evening was a challenge. How can that be?   Well we know how, but still.   

I am still searching for some RL coffee cups that I like; so there IS something to say for a cornucopia of virtual goods I guess.  :D And if needed we can often MAKE what we need. That works too.   


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