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Plumpton on Sea and Basilique

A new exhibit by one of the ARTSCAPE crew opened at Basilique ~ Lago di Garda -- in itself a lovely sim to visit.   You can find the new work in the Galleria.  

The photos were all taken at Plumpton on Sea which honestly is the most impressive installation I have seen in a long while.  In Sansar the goal was "emersion" and that was talked about a lot.  "Don't do anything to break emersion" was the mantra.  And the slightly shabby and forgotten but making its way back city encompasses that ideal.    It is a small area packed full of carefully crafted details. 

Don't miss it. 

And for those of you that might be looking for a place to live, there are some lovely three story Apple Fall rowhouse to rent for $250 a weekfor 200 prims (payment is monthly).    


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