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Gothic Abodes

My friends say I have "good land karma"-- this in both worlds. And while I am not looking for any place to rent  I know from helping friends a couple of months ago how difficult it can be to find something "pretty" and "reasonable".   My personal yardstick is a  one linden - one prim measure.  That is pretty hard to come by these days but when I find something (this time by accident) I want to pass along the knowledge for those that might be in need of a new abode. 

This is Woodland Haven, billed as the oldest Gothic community in SL.  Honestly it just seems old world to me with some lovely landscaping.

The houses are slightly fantasy but nothing that couldn't appear on rural streets in your home town (well many home towns anyway).   

There are various sizes with these being fairly large and in the 800 - 1000 prim range.  Personally, the way I decorate I never use up these huge land impact reserves but if you have a 200 prim baby or two that would eat into things for sure :D.  Maybe horses too. Who knows,

The structures that I saw all follow the same style so the neighbors you see in the distance blend in with your surroundings.

Find them here and start exploring. I imagine the availability changes from time to time. There is also a smaller cabin with 500 prims available at the moment (not the picture below; that is "décor". 


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