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Earth 2.0

We have made some faulty choices as a species -- thinking about the NOW and not the tomorrows to come. It might be time to reassess the greed and give up some of what we have so that future generations can survive. 

Choices -- they are ours.

Dirty Rat - TerraFlora  at Tokyo Zero.  

From the creator's notecard: 

TerraFlora presents a futuristic vision of plant cultivation, encapsulating the essence of sci-fi innovation. This state-of-the-art incubator is a testament to humanity's commitment to sustainable growth and exploration beyond terrestrial boundaries.

Crafted with three distinct glass chambers, each cradling a singular plant, TerraFlora embodies precision and individualized care. Its transparent enclosures invite observers to witness the intricate dance of nature's evolution, showcasing the resilience and beauty of botanical life.

Powered by advanced climate control systems, nutrient delivery mechanisms, and adaptive lighting, TerraFlora recreates the ideal conditions for plant growth in any environment. Whether nurturing exotic flora or sustaining vital crops, this incubator stands as a beacon of technological ingenuity harmonizing with the natural world.

TerraFlora symbolizes humanity's quest for sustainable living and environmental stewardship, transcending earthly boundaries to embrace the limitless possibilities of the cosmos.



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