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Take Me To the Circus

So fun!!!!

I don't get to chat with Chandra often these days. She has a "day job" (or maybe it's a night job but it keeps here busy and out of trouble).  She sent this along the other day with a note about memories and it definitely brought back a few.  

OH so long long ago when Chandra and I first met -- it was at the circus. Her circus to be exact. There were prizes involved if I remember correctly. I am guessing a lucky chair or board -- or perhaps just presents. A bunch of us went over and if memory serves we ended up with different bits and pieces of attire.  Blogger can't find the post which isn't unusual with over 6K to search though.  I DO however have a very old picture of a good friend with her outfit on in Chandra's tent. 

November 19 2009

So many great memories!

ANYWAY --- you can make your OWN circus memories with this really REALLY big set of goodness which includes the outfit in different colors. I am wearing all but the black garter belt which I overlooked when taking photos (oops).  Along with the outfit there are a bunch of circus pose props and some really fun one prim watercolor backgrounds (resize hud).   

Find the !dM deviousMind "Zazel" **LaraX can be found at the NEXT UP event.

Woot! By doing a manual search I found the original article.  

Pose by the pose prop. NOTE that a GESTURE is used to adjust the pose prop.   

y: the prop --- adjustments are in a GESTURE -- take note


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