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PBR Growing Pains

Eventually we will all be living under PBR. In the meantime there are growing pains. Most of us are in waiting mode, some are being very brave and testing; many kudos to those vanguard types. 

A tip from the forums sent me over to Dutchie where there is a new gift out for everyone.  The Dutchie Bathroom Sink Vanity PG with experiemental PBR miror is impressive and gives us a hint of future. 

You can see that the mirror is more like a convex car mirror with the "objects may appear further away than they are" view going on.  Indeed the house I am in is a very small cottage and looks extremely spacious.   Still that's a good looking reflective surface!

Linden Lab has stated that theY have a "real" mirror project going on, but we know that priorities get moved often and it is difficult to say when we may see something close to our actual reflections in the looking glass.  

 Also experimental means there are some things you should be aware of.   

Short term gift --- Buy for 0

Linden Lab actually put out a "best practices" sheet for PBR.  How much all of that works -- I know not.  But in the instructions along with "make a legacy textured within the object for those without PBR" there is a "do not put reflection probes on furniture and small items" note. 

This is what happens if you place an object with a probe inside a house with a probe.  See that box of light surrounding the sink set?  That is the probe prim.  I  am inside the Scarlet Creative LA House PBR which is one of the few houses I have found (well the only really but I haven't been looking much) that is a PBR home.  Charlotte followed best practices; Froukje did what was needed to make things work for the masses.  Both are very talented creators. Both doing their best I am sure. But ---- issues.  

So be aware that there will be an interim period where there will likely be clashes.  Both creators projects here provide legacy builds as well as PBR.  

There is an adult sink set for sale along with matching bathroom fixtures at the Dutchie link above.  

The Trompe Loeil - Duxbury Country Cabin shown in the lead picture is coming up in a post tomorrow. 

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