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Getting off the Lists

If you have been around awhile this scenario is probably familiar.

You get a mailing in chat. You get a notecard in inventory. You might get a landmark? It happens over and over and "blocking" doesn't help.  

What is worse is that you (that's YOU in cap) never subscribed to this mailing. 


I almost never join subscribos --- even in the olden days they were a pain. But THEN most times you could teleport to the store in question, find the subscribo board (usually at the landing point) and UNSUBSCRIBE.  These days it is often more difficult and often very frustrating. 

Some years back there was a forum thread called "What I Learned Today" or something close to that.  Well today I DID learn something new.

I have tried oh so many times to teleport to the link given in the chat message that (again in the olden days) took you to the subscribo board.  I have searched the store trying to find a way to unsubscribe and today for the first time I was successful.  

It i likely that this only works with some subscribe services but still it got me off of several that I never opted into. 

If you have gone on your own journey you have likely tried area search and SOMETIMES (only sometimes) that will let you find the subscribe boxes. Many times they aren't even in the store or accessible to the public but if you can came and find the service box (again maybe just this brand) you can touch the box and find a list of ALL the subscriptions for that company. Take the check marks out of the ones you do not want to receive and SAVE.  In theory --- I just did this on Wednesday so we'll see) you will no longer get the spam mailings. 

And thus my good dead for the day can be checked off LOL.

Hope this helps some of you.   


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