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Wouldn't It Be Better?

Rather than trying to block an (oh so very long) article from public view, it seems wiser (to me) for Linden Lab to address the charges made. 

Honestly, it IS their platform and their rules so all they actually need to do is change the TOS -- which from comments made at the end of the year about promoting adult content in the "future"  seems like they have been planning all along. 

The cat is out of the bag so to speak or at least there are plenty of people wondering --- and kitties do NOT like returning to a closed environment.   

Don't ask ME about this -- asks your friends :D. Someone will know. 


Bannod said…
Two days ago Zooby sent a notice that she was removing her child avatars from her store and said she would not be selling products for them or supporting them in any way. I wondered what happened and then yesterday I read Medium's article. So the author posts pictures of exactly what he's protesting. How is that any better?

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