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Newbie Challenge - Guys

My gal version of Gogo's Newbie challenge was the first posted, and this guy version will likely be one of the last. Hopefully the July 10 day is inclusive. If not, I still had a great time.  I hadn't planned on doing a male version of the "make a free or almost free newbie outfit", but I read a post this morning from Gridge that reminded me about Mr. Poet skins. Skins are indeed the hardest thing for fellows to find free. So, with her reminder ringing in my ears, I ventured over to the shop to stalk those lucky boards.

There are two skins at Mr. Poet. One is dark and mysterious and the other is this boy skin above. I won the first while waiting for the second, and I won each on a wildcard. Both comes with  shapes which I used in this exercise. The boy skin is in the androgyny vein.

I did the rounds of some of my favorite stores, but end the end opted to shop on Xstreet for some of my male clothing.  The silver fantasy choker is VERY nice. I found it by accident while searching for clothing. You know how Xstreet can be.

The second outfit with darker skin and a more casual look comes from both inworld and Xstreet sources. I was especially happy to remember these Villager Boots which I have had for-e-ver. I zipped over to Angry Monkey to find them still on the wall in most likely the same spot I picked them up a couple of years ago. And the good news is that they are still extremely cool.

The necklace and tee shirt are group gifts (on the wall in the shop) from NC Paris. There is a whole wall of goodies with MANY things for the ladies.

It should be noted that the body on these skins is not the greatest technically. The faces, however, are very nice and I love the dark coolness of the skin for men.

While it only took me a bit over an hour to put together my lady look, it was about four hours for these two guy versions. Part of that was lucky chair stalking of course.

Total cost for both looks for guys? 0 Lindens.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Style Notes: 


Hair: Alli & Ali  Hercules Hair Cappuccino/Silver (voting gift)
Skin: ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Aimer boy skin; ::[ Mr.Poet ]::boy shape (no mod) (lucky board); Eyes Amacci SOM join gift.
Clothing: GG's Male White shirt (Xstreet freebie); Victoria Jeans (Xstreet freebie - girls version);
Shoes: *JD* punk boots (Xstreet freebie)
Accessories: NOBODADDY Silver Fantasy Choker (Xstree freebie)


Hair: Exile Brady eclipse (free wearable demo)
Skin: ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Randal Male skin; ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Male shape no.05; (lucky chair) Amacci InSight ~ BrownGreen Big Eyes (SOM join gift)
Clothing: NC paris F*** Me I M Famous T-Shirt  Black/Glitte  (group gift in store) ;!*Akers*His and Her Jeans (Xstreet freebie)
Shoes: Angry Monkey [AM] *Gift* Villagers Boots (free)
Accessories: NC Paris Animal Tooth Neclace JFM (group gift in store)

Poses by: LAP


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