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Lost and Found July

Lost and Found is open for its brief tenure. It wasn't difficult for me to find my favorite release of the event -- the PLAAKA SKYPLANTER SET. Lovely design, good LODs, stellar land impacts and some super realistic plywood (what can I say, I am seduced by texture) make it a standout for sure.

The pots come as white but are easily tintable to coordinate with your decor using "select face" in the building menu. 

A cute little open shed can house your hanging foliage or you can sprinkle them around your living areas.

The trowel with baby transplant was the packaging. Super cute, I couldn't resist adding it to the scene.

And here is the offering from ChiC buildings for July. The Industrial Set is available per piece or as a fatpack.

Art and cart are texture change.

Land impact 2 or 3 per piece. 

Pipe shelves come with or without books.

Book covers can be tinted using the same "select face" method in the building menu.


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