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Tao - Outside My Window

Sometimes our virtual blogs are part of a therapeutic process.

The world is topsy turvy these days. Not much makes since. The future (for those of us in America as well as some other countries) looks fairly ominous. And, there is not much we can do as individuals --

There are always too many deaths, but the recent days have added exclamation points to that idea.

Amidst the turmoil most of us continue with our lives. There are good days and not so good days. We worry about the people we love; we wonder how we can dig ourselves out of the messes that we have -- in part -- made for ourselves.

We take a deep breath, water the garden, feel the warm breezes caress our cheeks and know that somehow and someway we will likely make it through.

Stronger? Maybe.

Wiser? One can hope.

Lamp I made today with a lovely backdrop of the Little Branch Honey Mesquite tree {4seasons} available at On9.

House by Trompe Loeil


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