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Eden Hunt Eve

Just a very quick post as it is getting late. I finished the Nightmare Eden Hunt just as I got the official opening message from the Subscribo. Great timing. I found TONS more goodies and have a few of my favorites to show you, but right now I have other places to be, so some will have to wait.

My outfit above is from Vanilla C. Designs. My boots are from Sn@tch along with some great gloves and the cute muffin in my mouth is one of several talking Cakebuddy attachments from Persnickity.

I have some other favorites including some really fun hair -- well it is MORE than hair but we'll call it that and some great little Halloween hats. Those will have to wait though -- and if the rest of the blogosphere is filled with pictures of my favorites in a day or so, I'll assume you already know about them.

The hunt adventure was loads of fun. I did the all over today with a friend who isn't even in SL. She was "me" for the event and did very well. We had a a great time. I know I missed some things along the way. I seemed to get to the end too soon. So maybe someone else will post their adventures and I can figure out more of the mystery.

Have fun.

Hair by sf designs.


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