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Art, Freedom and Rules

Nipple warning!  *wink* 

There is a lot of controversy going on these days. The newest is about  the SL7B event and censorship. I don't claim to know all the sides of this issue. I am trying (though not always succeeding) to adopt a no dra-ma policy. 

Here is my personal take.  I  LOOOOOOVE  Rose Borchovski's ART!  But, on the Linden side there IS nudity (apparently prohibited in the SL7B display criteria). Is it a shame it was removed? To my thinking yes,  But I am also a big rule follower, so my personal reaction is disappointment rather than outrage. On the plus side, I may have missed this altogether -- not even a video -- if it wasn't for all the press coverage. So thumbs up for media in all shapes and forms! 

I think this is one of two video links I have included in over 1500 posts, so you know I wanted you to see this if you WANT to :D.

An in depth coverage and the only one I have read is at NWN here.

Here is the UTube link in case you can't see the embedded movie on some of the feeds.


Anonymous said…
I've felt sad about this all week because I too love Rose's work.

Really, is this nudity? I looked and looked at this work and could find nothing salacious or even mildly titillating about it. A flat-chested dolly with little dots of nipples. Innocuous and innocent.

If this as shown in an art gallery in your country would there be a rating on it? I live in a deeply conservative Asian country and I don't think even here there would have been a problem with it. Maybe its a fact that there's nude, and then there's nude.

But really the whole shame of it is in the way the issue was handled (simply sending it back to Rose's Lost and Found) which was rude and unkind. A solution to the problem should have been found ... and quickly. (It was but not by LL, the work is now on show at UWA.)

BTW, if you stroll over to the Bodied Works exhibit at SLB7 you are encouraged to put on the free skin and take off all your clothes to pose. Isn't this in a sense nakedness? (But the difference might well be just two little dots, two full stops ..)

Sorry for the long response.

Loquacia Loon
Chic Aeon said…
I do agree that there is nothing prurient about the work and I completely enjoyed it. But I also see that banning ALL nudity was most likely the only way The Labs could deal with arising situations. Black and white is easier than shades of gray.

I did think to myself after posting this yesterday, what if the avatar in the photos was "male" or more androgynous? Would the work have been disallowed? That is a whole other question of course and points to a flaw (to my way of thinking anyway) in how we define sexual. A guy's chest can be pretty sexy, if you ask me.

So glad the work is still being shown. I'll try to do a bit of homework and get to see it in person. Thanks for posting.
Emerald Wynn said…
I'm glad you put a voice to your sentiment, because I've wanted to express the same one; however, I didn't want the artist community to think that I do not support freedom of expression, or that I believe Rose's work was really "nudity."

In an event like this one, where residents of all ages and backgrounds participate, I can understand the Lindens' desire to maintain a G/PG rating. And if nipples in any form - dolly or otherwise - are prohibited, well it's a shame in artistic circumstances such this one (where no titillation was intended, pardon the pun), but them's the rules, as someone with bad grammar apparently once said.

I read Loquacia's comment and the NWN article and related comments - I didn't realize the situation was handled so unprofessionally, and on that point I share the frustration of the artist and her supporters. Her work is indeed striking, and I wish a compromise would have at least been offered.

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