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SL7B - Part 2

Along with some spectacular builds, SL7B has plenty of great gifts. One of my personal favorites is this cute parrot from the Fashion Research Institute. There is also a fashion designer's giant pencil filled with lots of goodies for the creators among us.

I started out my adventures in style with a mix of new and old favorite clothes. The real newness of note is the skin I am wearing. It is one of the new skin tones of Helen from Amacci.  This is the nutmeg shade in the Cherry style.

Helen isn't going to be my new everyday skin *wink*. I feel way too young in her, but if your avatar wants to look cute, it would certainly be worth a trip to the store for a demo trying session. There is a dewy-eyed naivety that is very appealing and her lips are ever pouty :D.

See that train in the background? You can have your own copy which supposedly will run on the SL rails at the Heterocera Atoll. Pick it up at the Virtual Railway Consortium booth.

If you are in need of a tiny shop to sell your wares, you can pick up this cute Tuscan style model  from  Elin Egoyan at her booth -- Elin Design, Shopity Houses and Such.

There are sheep wagon cars, Grendel Children avatars, and even your own personal thunderstorm. So many lovely gifts. Even art!

Spanning 21 sims with over 700 contributors,  SL7B is a showcase for the accomplishments and content of all SL residents, celebrating the “life” of Second Life.

Some sims are sensory overload areas and some are quite serene. Here, at Antique Artistry,  I stopped by to pick up a lovely and free two prim Victorian lamppost with click on-off. It was a nice respite while I collected my energies. There is so much to see, I am looking forward to posts by other members of the press.


June 21—10:00 a.m. SLT: Gates open to the public for the opening ceremonies. Scripts and build disabled throughout estates for the duration of opening ceremonies to discourage instances of lag and disruption. They will be turned back on after the opening speech.

11:00 am. Philip Linden speaks, opening the celebrations.

June 23—The Birthday!
9:00 am slt. M Linden speaks.

June 26—Official Closing Ceremony.

June 27—Last day of entertainment.

July 3--Gates close. Sims will be locked.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Style Notes: 

Hair: ;TRUTH; Melinda - jupiter
Skin: Amacci Skin ~ Helen (Nutmeg BR) - 08 Cherry
Clothing: CONCRETE FLOWERS-TWEED PANTS -FOREST- , Black Star short vest, Gabriel ::GB::DenimShirt White
Shoes: A-Bomb Chic Wedges
Accessories: [Baubles] Oversized Hoops - silver; Adventurer Backpack by Le Zoo (old)

Poses by: Amacci and LAP


Emerald Wynn said…
I appreciate your hard work and dedication to enriching the lives of SL residents - whether it be through filling them in on not-to-miss details of SL7B or taking a stand for something you believe in.


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