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Blogger Directory

The new blogger directory is coming along nicely, thank you. With almost forty guys and gals in the list, it will hopefully become a useful resource for designers as well a blog fans.

Meanwhile, I am getting a lot of applications from bloggers who are two weeks old as well as clubs and malls. This is an INCLUSIVE directory but it is for bloggers who have been around for at least three months and who actually BLOG now and then *wink*. It is not a directory for shops or designers, malls or clubs. It is not a directory for people who started blogging last week. A bit of longevity is needed.

It IS for all languages, not just English and we already have several sites that are Spanish oriented.
Languages other than English are mentioned in bold.

So please do feel free to send in a notecard. Everyone is welcome as long as they are an active blogger with an active SL avatar account and have been blogging for over 3 months (twice a month minimum),.

Here is the ADD ME page on the site. I am LEAVING IN MISSPELLINGS for those with English blogs, so please do reread your notecard. If you use Emerald you can right click on the notecard and "check for misspellings".

The first Blog Spotlight should appear on Monday if all goes smoothly.



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