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SL7B - Happy Birthday SL!

SL is 7 years old!

I have been traveling around the SL7B user created sims for a couple of hours now on a press pass. With so much to see, I am sure I have only scratched the surface. But of what I have seen, this is my personal favorite -- the TeleOctoscope: Maya Paris & L1Aura Loire @ SL7B Phenomenal. The sims are open to the public until tomorrow, but be SURE and stop by.

Aside from a tremendously impressive display -- one that you can see from far, far away, there is a media show and this great FREE outfit with AO and even a wild dance.

You can perch high above the crowds and see forever or you can swim in a water wonderland down below and watch a story unfold. Now, "I" couldn't get the media to work, but I don't do streaming media in SL and I don't think I have Quicktime installed at the moment, so I can't tell you much about the show. Alas!

This is just the VERY top of the fantastic sculpture made for the display.

From the notecard:

The TeleOctoscope has been built by cephalopods, maintained by a squad of Mer -Mechanics, and is powered by steam, tea, and chocolate.

 Inspired by the 19th-century invention of the "telectroscope," it enables communication and collaboration on interactive art projects and machinima between Boston (US) and Whitstable (UK).  Excavated from below the sea for display at SL7B as an example of virtual collaborative technology, the TeleOctoscope will surprise and delight.

Many thanks to:

Uzzu Artful for the excellent mermaid tail sculptie
Jai Nomad for Gnu aluminium texture
Naima Waves by Naiman Broome
Mermaid AO from Malaika Mermaids
Dance animation by Easy Babcock

and especially to Sage Duncan of University of Kansas for all her support.

I have plenty more to show you from my adventures. A second post will follow very soon.


Maya Paris said…
So glad you liked it Chic! Great pictures too. If you would like to see the machinima in the build, they are also here ( TeleOctoscope, Toggle and Under the Sea). Thanks a lot for recommending it, Maya:)

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