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So Here's The Thing

Things shift and change -- in RL as well as in our virtual worlds. But what happens when we enter into a contract and THEN the rules change? When we "sign on" to an idea we are agreeing to the idea presented, not to another version of the scheme, not to morphing of the original plan. We put our efforts into something we believe in and sometimes the rules change too much for our comfort level. This isn't only Second Life; it is in the real world too. Still this blog is about Second Life. 

I know I am being obtuse here. Eventually you may know the story as I am not one to hide from my truths. Most of us do what we feel is right, but sometimes we can't see where events are going. Sometimes other disappoint us.

Being true to ourselves is certainly the key -- even in our not quite as real lives. If I am lucky this will all work out. If not, you will hear the end of the story within the next couple of weeks. I won't be afraid to say what I think. Well, you sorta knew that -- didn'tcha?

Smiles and warm thoughts after a long day and a little disappointment.



I process very quickly. It is very obvious to me that the Summer of Love event that will occur next month is no longer an informational venue for mental health. It has become just another shopping destination. There is nothing wrong with that, only that it was not presented in that vein. All of the vast wall space surrounding the TP point that was to be filled with information on mental health issues, bullying, etc. has been sold to vendors as premium placement space. The last space is being auctioned off to the highest bidder.  According to the owner of the venue the information will be "here and there" as it was in the Black and Blue fair. OK. that may happen, but there are tons of people who have no space at the moment. I don't see a lot of room for the information that was supposed to be the focal point.

[Long involved diatribe deleted :D. Be glad.]

I wish the designers that stay all the best of success. This isn't a judgement, just my personal need to feel that I am doing what I believe in.

Comments are closed on this topic. We don't need more dra-ma this week. If the Summer of Love Fair owner would like to give her side of the story by notecard, I will post here. It won't change my truth, but I like to be as fair as possible.


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