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Oil and Aftermath


When we will recognize the cost of our need to have it all?

We are paying the price for our country's greed. Our children will be paying for much longer.

Yes, that was a political statement, but it has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats or Libertarians. This is a virtual fashion blog, not a environmental soapbox, so I won't go on for pages. I will say that I grew up in an oil family. Oil exploration paid the bills and kept Kraft dinner (cringe) on the table. Even so, I was against drilling in the gulf; I have always been a conservationist. Most of my friends think I am a very weird duck and that's OK. Living my beliefs keeps me sane in a less than sane world.

Now and then our real life and our virtual life cross paths. In July Operation Squeegee will be one of those crossroads. Whether you choose to participate as a shopper, vendor, blogger or volunteer -- you can support recovery. And if you are someone who doesn't donate, that's OK too. You can still help. Think about what you can do in your life to consume less. Most of us don't really need all we have. There are so many millions that have less. Walk more; drive less. Turn off your lights. Wear a sweater; open a window. Grow a tomato plant.

Every little bit helps.

Photo taken at SL Oil and Petroleum Co.

My outfit is by RunoRuno (hunt prize and a favorite). 

Pose by LAP.


Note: As I have stated previously on this blog, comments without an avatar name will NOT be published. I am leaving anonymous on so that those without Google and other accounts can comment if they like. If, oh great anon person who really knows VERY little about my life, you would like to comment with your NAME, I will most likely publish your comment. Or maybe not as I definitely don't like your attitude :D.

And to answer, I do realize that computers are manufactured products. Since I do not drive or fly, have no microwave, no TV,  live in a very tiny super efficient and "green" house with minimal possessions, grow much of my own food and cook from scratch, I personally feel that having a 3.5 year old computer is a tiny drop in the bucket compared to  -- well actually everyone that I personally know. Perhaps I live in a world that is different than yours. It is impossible to tell when you hide behind that ANON tag. Please feel free to stop reading my blog if I upset you or if you feel I am phony.

If everyone lived with MY lifestyle we would need 1.09 earths -- pretty close to what we actually have. How many would they need with your lifestyle? Find out here.


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