Second Life Advent List 2016

{what next} Christmas Gift Box set - copy and transfer version choices
:: PANAVIA :: Conifer Tree "Picea" @ Cosmopolitan
ChiC buildings 
Boxes and Ornaments - 2016 Winter Showcase (Dec 8)

This file became mightily corrupted. After more than an hour of "fixing", I gave up so a few stores near the bottom are missing. Sorry. Hopefully you have your list of favorites by now!

- Updated 9:30 AM Dec 7 -

If there are any particularly exciting items I don't want you to miss, they will NOW appear in their own post. 

Sway's 10th Advent Calendar - always fun! Pick up a hud at the landing point. Find the hunt items and turn them in for presents each day. Home and Garden

KittyCats  items each day from creators around the world. Pick them up daily for fun or gather in bunches. One per person. Variety

Entice  (free group) - Big baubles calendar on the wall complete with preview pictures. Pay either $1 or $25. $1 is returned.

Snowpaws  (MOVED) - calendar - clothes for women

Amazing Creations - Big tree in the middle of the store. Presents for guys and gals (a clothing store) Group - Adult sim

Cleo Designs - furniture and decor (small tree calendar)

United InshCon - find the numbers mix into the LARGE Christmas Village and click :D

Home Whimsy - Home and garden items from the Home Whimsy creators. Packages in boxes with dates at landing point - Group 

ABRANIMATIONS - always quirky and fun - Group

PRISM - traditional calendar - Group

Emerald Couture (gals) - two boards (one traditional with $50 group); One boxes of previous hunt items (no group).

Christmas Advent-ure Hud (Timeless Textures and Lantian Flox) - wear the hud and it will teleport you to various stops each day. Free or possibly with group join or small fee so watch for that. There is also a notecard if you aren't the hud type. 

Botanical - Potted Poinsettia (KittyCatS Advent Calendar 2016) Dec 7 gift should be available thoughout Advent

12 Days (starting later in the month)

ChiC buidings - No Group. One item free each day (will overlap a bit because of time zones). Home and garden. Items on display and will be available for $25 each after the free time has expired.

DE. Boutique - fashion for women

Cosmopolitan - gifts on the tree will arrive in groups so check back.

Also advertised:

The Man Cave - Home and Decor 

Moonstar by the Sea - traditional wall calendar - womens

[Sunora] - traditional calendar by the tree - eclectic (group)

Helping Haven - 30 meters from landing point in a grid of colorful boxes. Free group needed. 

~XM~ DESIGNS - traditional wall calendar - eclectic  (group)

OLLIES FOLLIES - Clothes and Decor

Moonlitecat Creations - men and womens clothing

Baci Shop - traditional wall calendar - lingerie and jewelry  (group)

Pumpkin Village  (Alli and Ali gals) - single day vendor - hair

Caledon Oxbridge New Residents Help - boxes at the gazebo (long walk from landing point). Apparently they will stay and be available once they are out; so sayeth the sign. 

Special Mentions (fee): 

The !gO! store had such a super cute display Sami took a picture AND joined the group ($50) which seems very reasonable judging by the quality of items in the store. So a special mention and we'll keep you apprised as the month ventures on.  (landing point - walk straight down the path to the main store)

Purple Moon - Traditional calendar  ($50 fee) guessing clothing for women :D

.:C!L:. - Vintage womenswear ($50 fee)

KMF Fashion - traditional wall calendar hard to find - follow the beam :D - texture and mesh womenswear ($50 fee)