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52 Colors - Week 18 Red

We are moving from warm tones to hot, hot, hot this week. I give your RED.  

I remember reading an interesting factoid in a color theory book long ago.  When faced with choosing what  color "red" really is, no two persons would agree. Since there ARE an infinite number of reds the eye can see, this wasn't a terribly scientific quote, but you get the idea. So find YOUR red and crank things up a bit.  

This was a pretty easy color for me as I had a jogging outfit I loved from Advent 2020. It is filled with details and "primmy" and the back of the shorts show too much skin for my taste (hence my home made leggings) but so cute!   

This is the official path to the challenge.


-[ vagrant ]- Chloe Shorts
[ vagrant ]- Monica Shirt

{Limerence} Alicia hair


Pose by: SEMotion


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