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The Gacha Guarantee

I had an idea in the tub this morning. Tub equals thinking if not napping. It is a big tub with bubbles and I spend plenty of time there. (I do however participate in most other areas of water conservation including hand watering the garden :D).   

Yesterday was a time for remaking the not-going-to-happen gift store into a gacha building. It turned out well and includes examples of many of the sets out for viewing (one of my personal issues with gachas is sometimes not being able to SEE what you are playing for).  The prefab store got redone also and looks SO much better (lazy me - this should have been done long ago).   

One of my problems with the whole virtual gacha thing is that it is so very variable; not just the chance part of the equation, but the SETTING of the chances.  I have seen machines where the odds of getting a rare were 50 to 1 and that wasn't even called an "ultrarare" and of course didn't factor in the RANDOM part of the equation. Most folks at my shop seem to wander around playing a few different machines, but now and then someone appears to be playing the same machine over and over and over.  This bothers me too.   

Back in my good old days of Gimme Gacha events anyone playing a machine twenty times was guaranteed a specific prize. So, even if they never got the rare, they did get a bonus gift. I liked that.  Now of course the bonuses were meant to entice people to play more; I get that. But at the  same time I really applauded that guarantee part and tried to make nice bonus gifts for my sets. 

So today I am heading out to make a few changes in the new gacha store and unveil my new system.   It keeps me in good stead with any agreements I made for the venues, and still helps the gacha players.  By now those of you reading here often understand that this isn't about money; it is about making a change -- a change I would LIKE to see permeate over the grid.  It doesn't cost the sellers anything but a bit of effort and likely even makes them some extra money.  But the most important part to me, is that it will get folks what they WANT without playing a machine 50 or more times. 

Here is the plan - at least MY plan. Other sellers may take this idea and change it some for their own needs. 

I have put a notecard giver with more instructions next to the poster along with some examples.  

Feel free to pass along the idea :D.  


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