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The Newbie Onboarding Experience - Part 3

Moonlight at the fifteen hour mark - the typist needed some sleep

We left off with Moonlight using the Ruth 2.0 avatar and avatar shape along with some cute hair from Mina, but with alpha issues so her body disappears in some places --that won't do. She needed some fine tuning and upgrading.    The plan was STILL to be 100 percent free and not use any gifts that will be gone in a few days.  Moonlight is supposed to be a brand new avatar with no money and only lists and some ingenuity as her guides.    

She wasn't very PRETTY at this point. No changes to shape and the Ruth head is VERY low poly and not what we are used to in SL. It was made for Opensim after all :D.  While I was looking for free eye appliers (not found) I ran across a hud that changes a Genus heads to BOM.  That reminded me that the GENUS STRONG head was most likely still out for free. And it was.   

One of my favorite tanks of all time is one from COCO, now on the old group gift wall in the FAR BACK of the shop, all items are buy for $0.   A light gray version is also in the pack.

Perusing the alaskametro marketplace demos she found a BOM eyeshadow and added that.   A new hair from Firelight finished off her casual look.  

alaskametro<3 "Autumn Mist" eyeshadow 04 FIT B
GENUS Project - Genus Head - Strong Face GIFT001 - v1.7 - Mocap

Pose by: the pillow


Ryan Schultz said…
Looking good for zero Lindens! Gotta love that :-)

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