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DRD Reopening

I have been remiss getting over to DRD, but made it to the 2021 shop unveiling midweek. It seems like they were closed for-e-ver but I think it was worth it.  After accepting the experience you can get from theme to theme instantly -- and NOT get lost. I can remember plenty of wandering in the old shop, even when I knew what I was after.  

New group gifts are out, one in each section and they are impressive. Most are fairly low land impact (1-6) and low triangle. The super cute chair table with décor is a little high on triangles but there is a lot of "bang" for those vertices, so I will likely use it when I have the chance.  BUT sadly it has LOD issues so if you are running at LOD2 you will likely need to put it in a spot with VERY short viewing distance.  The industrial lamp get's plenty of kudos from a mesh maker's point of view weighing in at 1 li with LODs fit for outside as well as in. 

Look for this display at each of the six areas to reap your rewards for hanging in there patiently while they worked. 

Join the Death Row Designs group (free) to pick up these impressive offering. Past group gifts are still available; there is a small sign on a notice board at the main entrance.    


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