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The Newbie Onboarding Experience - Part 5

One of Moonlight's favorite outfits from a full day (a FULL LONG DAY) of "shopping" is this all-in-one from Hilly Haalan; necklace from Mosquito's Way (an SLO&F group gift). 

The wardrobe quest ------

We left Moonlight is in pretty well attired as long as she was hanging out in casual mode -- and honestly she will be :D.  But let's see if we can expand her wardrobe.  

 Along the way to that endpoint, there were some discoveries -- both good and bad.  The GOOD is that there are a few pretty nice and useful items in the default avatar choices within the viewer.   The  photo above is the Monique avatar from the "new avatars" section of Choose An Avatar.   In order to get this to fit eBody, Moonlight had to diet a bit losing her love handles and belly. All those sit ups got a perfect fit.  The retro wide-leg pants cover most of the chunky brown boots.    

There isn't a lot of good free hair around these days. Times change, I know. The good news is that this MALE hair looks great on gals, or at least on some gals.  Find it too in the "New Avatar" section under MONTY.  

Then just choose the avatar to unpack everything; you will of course look like that avatar. All parts of that avatar will appear in your "clothing" folder under the avatar's name.  Switch back to your saved look by wearing  your saved outfit. 


It doesn't take long for new folks to figure out that group gifts are a good way to style your freebie wardrobe, but with a non-standard body that is a bit trickier.  Add to the bad news that alpha textures don't seem to work on the eBody like they do with other BOM bodies (thus making parts of the body disappear like the alpha cuts in the body hud).   It may just be me, but I can't get any alpha texture to make "skin" disappear.   Hence we are at the mercy of the large area alpha cuts.     

Even though it's tricky, there ae at least two good spots to start your gift explorations. These are Hilly Haalan and S@BBiA. Both groups are free.  

Note that for this post I only considered gifts on past group gift walls and those that appeared to have some longevity, thus giving this information longer usefulness -- hopefully anyway. 

Here are a few examples of what you can find that fits. Hilly Haalan gifts are in their own building viewable from the landing point. S@BBiA's past gifts are on the wall near the entry. Both brands put out gifts often.   

Many of Hilly Haalan's garments come with color change huds. 

S@BBia's gifts are all one size fitmesh. 

Now let's look for shoes!

Slink is the fit to use for eBody. There are flat, medium and high foot positions.  It was hard work trying to find good looking shoe gifts, but here are a few to get a start on the wardrobe.

Hilly Haalan

Lybra Group Gift Wall

LYBRA group gift wall

VIPs Creations at The Free Dove

 Obviously those reading this with other bodies will likely find what works for them in these same packs since none of these items were eBody fits :D.

Happy gathering! 

Poses by: the chair and [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ]


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