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Project LIV!T


A post on the SL forums peaked my interest today. It was about a new shopping area (yes, typically we insert a yawn here).  This one though has big and very nice shops with clean lines and lots of style. Most importantly to me and the recent theme of helping the new folks, it will have a good number of shops available for free for budding entrepreneurs.  There are categories of products they are looking for and application forms. 

Those with linden dollars in their pockets can support with rent (very reasonable). And there will be an event in May. I agree with those whispers out there about more events, BUT there is also the "adventure" of being in an event for those who are starting out -- so all good there. 

Beyond what you can read, I know nothing. But for those who might be interested here is the forum post (which could be deleted so I will add the pertinent links here also) .

Application Shops Form 

Application Event Form

Venue as seen in the screenshot above


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