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Thoughts On Windlight

A new Firestorm viewer version came out yesterday.  I wouldn't have known except for some comments on the SL forums. I didn't update to the EEP viewer so that nasty little sticky note has adorned my screen for awhile.   

Eventually even those of us with feet stuck firmly in the sand will be forced to embrace EEP.  This new Firestorm release puts us closer to that time.   Kicking and screaming I will submit; there are limited choices after all.  I won't be happy about it. 

A few folks don't need the newest, fastest, shiniest Flavor or the Week  stuff. We are happy with what works and understand that "new" is not always "better".  But minorities seldom win out and corporations often have more power than the people these days.   

So I am going to enjoy my last months with Windlight; as the self-proclaimed Windlight Queen, it seems fitting to take as many pictures as inspiration dictates. 

This is the Tropix Fishing Village, an inexpensive gacha available at Access. Simple and stylized, it reminds me of days past when life was a bit easier. Early morning coastal skies offer hints of sunny days to come.  Here's hoping. 


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