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The Newbie Onboarding Experience - Part 2

The Less Than 30 Avatar Look 

Only a few hours old, Moonlight  went through her short list of free items from the Firestorm kiosks and picked this cute outfit from =Mirage, the Savvy Wench Pirate Outfit - Boho and one of two hairs from Firelight, Candie. She left on her ugly shoes to hide her even uglier feet (don't want to think about how ugly those feet actually are LOL).  

Using the 30 Days and Under Gifts list from FabFree, she explored the first group of "Full Avatar" gifts, finding all of the stores in the list still there. Some however no longer had newbie gifts out.    After unpacking her goodies, this was her favorite look.  

With parts and pieces from various "full avatar" gifts, this is the look. Note that there was a gift certificate from Firelight for hair should I have taken the time to shop more :D. 


Heaven's Gate[HG]  Newbie Gift BOM Ruth 2.0 Set
Heaven's Gate [HG] PROMO Nana Peach Skin 01 (Tan) Tattoo
:::Sn@tch Checkerboard Lowrise Jeans (Blue-P)::
:::Sn@tch Girl Band Halter (Purple Leather-S):::
:::Sn@tch Royal Bangles (LF):::
:::Sn@tch Hippie Choker::: (needed as there is a neck seam on Ruth 2.0)


A very nice skin in  a choice of skin tones was the gift from Pink Fuel.  Interestingly enough while there IS  WAS a 30 day skin recently at 7 Deadly Skins, avatars under 30 days apparently can't stay in the sim.  Moonlight was immediately sent "Home" twice.  Checking the 7DS land tab I can't see why this happened but it also appears that the 30 day skin is no longer available, so not important. 

Happily this let me find out that "Home" defaults to the Firestorm Social Island -- definitely a good spot for new folks. 

I didn't do as well on the clothing and accessories part of the 30 Days List. Many stores were no longer there. Many SIMS were no longer there :D.  But perseverance led to my top photo with Moonlight's added gifts.  There were also some pretty cute BOOTS in the deal; you will see those in the next post. 

Credits top photo:

Pink Fuel [PF] Renee <Hazel> - Pure (dkbrow)
AX-001 Basically Girl AO (Oracul Animation HUD) from Heaven's Gate ABOVE the free avatar poster. An alternative to the one that came with Bitsy. A mix of the two might be the best choice.
Ghee Skinny Jeans FITMESH S Slate
Ghee Biker Boots Slate Suede


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