Being a Blogger

Cherylblossoms wrote a very interesting post today (yep I am scheduling for Saturday) which I enjoyed reading. She is a new blogger and it was good to read her point of view on things. There was by no means a challenge hinted at, but sort of like Strawberry's memes -- this got me wanting to write my own answers. Feel free to follow along if you so choose. I'd like to know what other bloggers think about these subjects. Add your post URL in the comments if you like.
1. Being a blogger we get FREE items–  
Yes, we do. When I started there weren't a lot of review copies dropping in my lap. There weren't a lot of review copies out there at all. We had to hunt or product camp or buy (well I seldom did that even back then *wink*) what we wanted to show.  It sounds like things are a bit easier now for those starting out. That would be a good thing.

Do I recommend sponsorship? Absolutely. If you can find designers that you admire and whose products you generally like -- and they like you in return -- it is a great thing.  I never promise to blog everything; I rarely do. I do make an effort to pick out at least my favorite item from a release and feature it. Sometimes -- especially with mesh clothes and often with hair, items just don't look good. So, better to not post than to look awful, at least that is my point of view.

2. We Spend hrs on preparing, styling and photoshop–  Not me. I know my inventory pretty well and can find accessories that I need. I seldom do a many, many accessories post -- the ones where you are wearing a dozen things or so. I enjoy looking at them, but for me showing off the new design is the paramount idea. I don't want folks to get lost amidst older items that might not even be available any longer. After five years and 3000 post (and a history of graphics work in RL) I am a very fast post processor. Happily so.

I DO sometimes take "too long" finding a pose or fiddling with Windlight settings. But my idea of too long is ten minutes, not hours *wink*.

3. Bloggers care about Traffics –   Not so much. I do want to know there are folks reading of course. There is no point typing into the ether -- well it might relieve stress; who knows?
4. We are friends with the designers - I have only one designer that I would actually call a friend. I am "friendly" with several designers, certainly. Many of the folks that I blog for are very busy. "I" am very busy. So chatting typically isn't at the top of any of our lists. I consider blogging a job. I love it, but for me it is a job.

5. We have early access to upcoming events –Yes, Yeah! Not all, but if we are lucky we get in before the lag. That is indeed one of the best perks for me.

About my outfit:
Heading out on the hunt trail, comfort is key. 
New from SLC, the Mesh Asymmetric Shirt  which comes in several colors and is on special for the weekend. There is a short skirt that coordinates also on special. The crop top is comfy and cuddly and goes well with pants too -- of course it does!

My hair is a voting present over at Alli&Ali. This one is for the guys, but there is a similar style for the gals. If I were you? I'd pick up both *wink*. Don't forget to vote for your favorite photo
Pose by Diesel Works