Under the Sea Expo

The Under the Sea Expo is opening as I type this. I spent most all of the day at the event and then later making my own little place "under the sea" *wink*. Much fun. Here's the scoop.

The venue is pretty magical with that Lost Continent of Atlantis look. You don't need to wear underwater or fantasy gear of course to attend. It will be difficult to leave without some in your inventory though as there is so much to see and buy. There is also a hunt going on. I am not exactly sure how that will work this time. It HAS apparently started and each shop should have a prize (some not quite yet apparently).

This morning it was press time; this cute little orca a special gift from CETOLOGICAL MUSEUM where you can find some outstanding looking denizens of the deep to enhance your underwater area. Many of the bloggers were already in mermaid attire so I am guessing those that love tails will be giving you a complete rundown of all the shopping options. Tomboy that I am, the second I opened the scuba gear from NDiver, I had my outfit for the day. I actually wore it all the hours I spent terraforming and decorating.

My plantings include the Botanical Kelp Forest and Underwater Rocks Diorama as well as underwater flora and animated fish schools from meadowWorks. I dug into the Linden Library and found some useful filler plants, added a few of my own designs and I was set. So very pretty. You can see my new underwater grotto here.

With lots of variety and photo ops abounding you will want to explore the Expo fully. My best hint is to wander first if you want and then check the teleporter boards to see who you have missed -- trust me it is easy to get turned around and with so many interesting and niche items you don't see often, you don't want to miss a shop.

I got to the press junket a little late this morning, but it didn't take me long to see the cluster of green dots in front of the Kittycats building. My new little friend here (not named yet) is a swimming kitty. So cute!  And happily he (or she) doesn't need much attention, just lots of water to swim in.  The log that you see in the background is the one in the top photo. It comes with a variety of mer animations with legs tightly together. A sign, static bubbles and a super cute crab add to the ambiance. Find it at FantaSea.

There are other breedables in attendance at the Expo as well as this shop, Bands of Cypher, which apparently sells a mix between a puzzle game and pets.

My brief research shows that there is a cost involved (well of course) and that after solving one of the puzzles, you get a pet.

There is MUCH more to it all, and if this sounds like you, read more here.

Poses by: Diesel Works, the log
Hair by Discord Designs (Leah)

Updated:  OK. Here's the info on the hunt. Click on any of the hunt posters on the TP board to be taken to the start of the hunt. You are looking for pearls and a note.

The next spot on the tour comes up when you click on the note and pearl. Sometimes it has the shop name, sometimes an SLURL. You MUST do the hunt in order to get the prizes.

I more or less finished the hunt and was at what I think was the "endgame" but had no idea where the sun temple might be. OH. I bet it was where we started!  Will try that in the morning and report on some goodies.

Watch the official blog for updates.

Blog posts will be listed there.

A Flickr group is here: 

Have fun!

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    # by Anonymous - June 22, 2013 at 11:50 AM

    Wow Chic! Thank you for such an awesome and informative post! I love these pictures! That scuba set looks great on you <3 <3 We are so glad you are at the expo!!

    xoxo Cortez