Deep Blue Fantasy

I took a lot of photos tonight over at the new Deep Blue Fantasy build. So very pretty. So very magical.  My outfit of the eve is of course from Chandra at deviousMind, the  Layali silks and chains. Lots of pretty colors and amazingly not quite as many tough decisions as sometimes. Honestly I just picked one and it was lovely.  My hair is from eXxEsS : WENDA chocolate.  High rez photo here.

You can see the lovely fountain from the Under the Sea hunt in the top photo. I built a mini world around it using many plants from Cerridwen's Cauldron Creations, the home of the fountain. These are so lovely and vary in prim count from one for the grasses to 17 for the double pitcher plant -- which can be huge; your choice. The plant packs come with color change menus giving you a many options. They are mod for size. The grasses are also resizable with a big variety of color combos in one set.

Be sure and visit. Bring your silks and take some photos *wink*.

Pose by: Diesel Works