Living in a Warehouse

Decorating the 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Little Warehouse is proving to be extremely enjoyable. An eclectic mix of the unusual, all in neutrals, forms the basis.

Who knew?

One of the  designs for The Challenge was an extremely nice and many-pieced mining set from Dysfunctional Designs. Both LODs and land impact costs are great! I may someday make a mine, but it isn't at the top of my todo list. So -- how can I use this? Well, as "art"!  I scaled down all the parts, filled the empty mine car with books (there are three other versions of the car filled with various ores) and I have a conversation piece for sure. The desk is a modded version of a schoolroom prop from The Domineaux Effect. I added a wall map from Pilot.

Another corner of my new abode features a massage lounger packed full of great animations. There is even a Thai massage section which is impressive, but makes me hurt looking at the positions. My RL body would definitely not move that way. So I opted to show you something from the more relaxing massage menu. It wasn't too hard to get a volunteer to pose with me *wink*.

The -JoHaDeZ- "Massage Lounger" come with an extensive choice of texture options via menu. Happily there is also a long list of very photogenic animations for when you are in "I want to be alone" mode.

So -- let's talk about my outfit, one I have been wearing for a couple of days now and feel very comfortable in. My hair is new today (Saturday) from EMO-tions. It comes with a color change menu for the head wrap and there is of course a long list of hair colors to choose from. I am wearing *KIMBERLY* in autumn.

There is a similar straight version available (Nicky) and also a new group gift out so check that gift wall. 

If my top looks familiar it is because it is actually a different color of the dress I showed you yesterday (ohIamsosneaky). Very cute, it really was too short for my sensibilities. But, add some leggings and I love it! Feminine and flirty and it works wonderfully with the hair. Find it as part of a completely styled set at SLX. See yesterday's post for a look at some of the accessories that come with. And I want to add that again the DEFORMER size fit better than the standard sizes for me. I am getting impressed.

My shoes are the Blossom Sandals from lassitude & ennui, a favorite.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

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