SL10B Sneak Peak 2

While there are several impressive multi-sim builds this year, there doesn't seem to be as many artists as in 2012. The Artists for SL are represented in a nice gallery you can find here. I found this calm spot amidst the cacophony of buildings when I flew over and spied a photo taken at MOSP. It is indeed in the MOSP gallery. That led me to stop and venture in.

I am sure you will see many photos of the big builds, and honestly you really need to be there with your draw distance way up to see them well, but what I did find flying around Tuesday morning was this sight:

If you don't recognize it instantly, it is the Cornfield -- a place where bad boys and girls were sent in the early days of SL. Now I know I visited the cornfield and posted on it sometime in the past, not the actual one -- but at a time when it was resurrected for historical purposes. I even picked up some free cornstalks (now long gone in a database debacle). But, memory will have to serve as my blog's search function isn't finding anything. It was fun seeing it again.

Now there are places at the celebration that have signs posted asking folks not to take photos and I followed those instructions. I did find a truly interesting set of sign boards with pictures as a chronicle of SL history. When the event opens on the 16th, you can find the Second Life History Walk here. I remembered a lot, wasn't there for some, and puzzled over what was included and left out now and then. A great trip down memory lane.

Apple Tank by Ducknipple, hair (old group gift) by EMO-tions, cute bracelet antique.

Pose by: Diesel Works