Now I have to admit that this dramatic lighting was an accident. I logged in and there it was -- leftover from a film shoot earlier in the day. Not one to let something so striking go by, I took advantage.

Behind the shadows there is goodness lurking. The new Cheeky Pea Chomper Comic Shelf is out for the Mens Department where there are plenty of great things -- Y chromosomes not required. The detailing is fab-u-lous and it weighs in at an amazing (AMAZING) 1 land impact. It absolutely perks up a room. There are three colors including YELLOW *wink* to choose from.

Now this new release comes with a choice of using the new materials that most of us can't see yet. The version on my wall is indeed one with "materials".  The detailing is outstanding -- oh, I said that already *wink*.

I am definitely looking forward to logging in sometime soon and seeing the extra level of details that will be coming our way.

My outfit is a new release from SLX (Flapper) which comes with a color change hud for the dress. Bangles and boots are also included.

Also in this shot are some releases from The Challenge. They arrived a bit on the tardy side and missed my previous posts.

High on detail and low on prims (the chair is ONE), these items hale from Little House of Curios.

Skin: Akeruka Manuela Tan MK4

Poses by: The Muse Poses