Collecting Memories

The Garden opened for a new round on the 15th and I was there in the very early morning hours. It was quiet then, but it didn't take long for the crowds to appear. There are many great beachy items to be had plus some that could do double or triple duty -- on or off the beach.

From Trompe Loeil there are a variety of photo holders. Low to modest land impact they come with areas you can add your textures to. They even come with a "everyone" option (more on that later). Of the room sized decor items my favorite is shown here, complete with festive lights and a plug for authenticity. This weigh in at 6 li at this size.

My comfy sweatshirt is a new release from Ducknipple, Anita. LOTS of color choices in this hud. There is a similar solid color version also. I have been in a purple mood for the last week so I am continuing the trend. My hair is Kimberly from EMO-tions, a new favorite (obviously).

There is more to this story and here it is. One of the styles of photo holders is a curvy fence background. It is small in its default size, perfect for bedrooms and such. I got to thinking that this would make a great photo wall -- especially when I spied the "anyone" version of the item.  I stretched that puppy big. And you know what? It was still only 13 land impact.

That worked for me. 16 photos, shadows and a nice backdrop.  I put two together and spanned a wall in the gallery. Now folks can come and add their MOSP photos easily. There are instructions included in the pack and I made a poster for the visitors explaining how it is done.

You can adjust the parameters of each photo space individually in the build menu. They are more or less 2 to 1 in nature, but are cropped as is. So depending on your photos you may want to change things some. I made most of mine to take a whole picture and made some closely cropped. We will see how that works.

Poses by: the bed and Vista Animations