Shopping for Bargains

We all love bargains -- well most of us anyway. These days there are so many sale venues, it is very difficult to keep up even for the heartiest of us. I found a new one today via a blogger box packed full of goodness from StoraxTree.  While there were plenty of decor items that will find their way into posts in the future, it was easy to pick what I think you, dear readers, would want to know about.

This whole billiards set including table, balls and cues (linked), a cue rack and the overhead lamp are in a set at an amazing price -- at Feeb's Rascals St. Sales Room.  Now I had never heard of this sales room and perhaps it is new. It wasn't much of a secret though as there were plenty of folks shopping there when I arrived.

I need to mention that this table doesn't "do" anything besides resize with kill script. It is a visual prop without animations. For me? That's perfect. If you want to use it for a photography prop, you could use poseballs while you take your shots. If your need is for ambiance, it is a great value.   You can see it up close and personal at Sound Stage 2.  The potted plants in the new billiard room are from StoraxTree also.

There are lots of bargains including clothing and accessories in the smallish sales room. It is easy to see everything with a simple cam. As I was looking I spied this statue from RnB Designs Furniture.  The vendor intrigued me and so I zipped over to the main store to see if I could find the statue in the flesh so to speak. Indeed I found the lady in front of the store with a landmark taking me back to the sales room :D.  She is lovely and while no copy, you do get TWO for a very very low price. One is plain as shown and the other has plants. Both are fairly low land impact -- and large.

The statue includes many choices via hud including particles and sounds as well as different times to have them come on and off. 

Both StoraxTree and RnB are eclectic shops filled with a wide variety of decor items and some furnishings. So if you love to shop and are a bargain hunter, check out the stores -- they both have TONS of specials going on all the time *wink*.

Now, there are all types of bargains, and the extremely pretty and very low prim (2 and 3) cherry trees from DaD Designs have their own perks to put them in that category. There a many ways to buy these trees including copy versions, but there is also a promo pack of three trees (the two larger ones are shown here).  The trees have a resize script but I used them at the default size. They ALSO have a retexturing script so you can change the trees with the seasons. Since I put them in the Cherry Blossom Romance section of MOSP -- well, there was no reason to change those leaves. Still, YOU might want to. A kill script is also included.

My friend's outfit (nope, that isn't me) is from Yasum Designs and is an old group gift. Very nice still, the group gifts last I noted recycle so it might be available should you want to join and watch the notices.

Poses by: Diesel Works