The End of the Story

Lots of research and searching tells me that The Long Walk folks dropped the Machinma Open Studios Project gift off at my neighbor's plot, the Sky-view Lounge.  I am not terribly happy about that since I made new gifts for the event and had no control over the hiding etc.

Mistakes do happen and I guess if I had been on the ball and doing a word search of their posts daily for "Machinima" earlier in my quest, I might have found the error. Anyway, there may be a very nice gift over at the Sky-View Lounge courtesy of moi. Or it might be on my plot, I know not.

Monday mid morning note: The gift is currently sitting in the middle of the MOSP plot (I just checked) and the incorrect blog post entry is being corrected. So go forth and find. Here is the CORRECT link to get there. Bonus points to anyone who already found it *wink*.

I tried going on the hunt earlier but it was beyond my searching skills anyway. So you diehards can journey over. You have another week. Something less complex would have most likely been a better plan. There were many parts of the SL10B exhibit that I enjoyed. This may be my swansong though :D -- at least as an exhibitor. 

I did enjoy the interview the other day. It was taped and should be available for viewing but I doubt any of you would be terribly interested. Still the process was enjoyable and a learning experience.