We Interrupt This Programming

I had a different post scheduled for today, but inspiration struck and here we go -- art and fashion.

The striking hat hales from AD Creations. The [AD] MTL mesh hat - Exclusive Avenue/Zenshi can be found here. My jumpsuit is most likely still available at Hucci.

Now, I have a new shop to share. While out on a hunt (more on that coming up) I discovered this great store called LESS IS MORE. Now the shop name already had me, but add the shop design and yes, the shop builds -- well I am a fan.

I feel in love with the clock and returned this morning to purchase. There are eight different textures for the clock face and setting to your own time zone is easy.

It is just so clever and sleek -- useful art!

There are other clock models in the shop as well as furniture and a few wearables. If you like modern in the Dwell magazine vein, this is a store for you.

I was also very impressed with this decor bookcase. It comes packed full of goodness, has great LODs, lovely textures and weighs in at 12. That's a lot of style for the prim count.

I am currently decorating the new warehouse loft that I showed you a couple of days ago. This  may work its way into the styling.

Meanwhile, it might be perfect for YOUR place.

Pose by Diesel Works