R and R

It was a good day for me with much accomplished in both worlds and a bit of pre-production on a film to boot. Resting is required from time to time and this new Adirondack chair from Cheeky Pea for FaMESHed is a great way  to accomplish that. The Margarita Beach set comes in three colors and includes a tiki torch, umbrella and sandcastle with pail, all great props for your beach. Despite my best efforts, I can't get "sand" to happen on my sim -- well at least not where I want it, so pretend this is a pristine white sand beach *wink*.

Even if  you only have grass, you will want these chairs.

If you did deep in your inventory it is likely that you have an Adirondack chair or two lurking about. They have been around for awhile. But honestly, the proportions were often wrong and they just didn't look all that great. Well, things have changed. The detailing on these chairs is outstanding AND they weigh in at 2 land impact. Like almost free!

Singles and couples poses abound.

Poses by: the chair